WWU Industrial Design's annual Remade project
Objective: Design a kitchen product using sustainable strategies and materials. 
Constraints: Four weeks, production batch of at least 20 to be sold.
Cutting Board Ideation 
Material and design exploration: Utilizing multiple materials. 
Exploring bamboo & hardwood flooring, richlite and cork underlayment remnants. 
Design Direction: Utilizing the durability of richlite for the cutting surface and the natural friction of cork for the underside, to reduce potential movement while cutting. 
Rescued from the discard pile. An elegant response to the endless offcuts of today’s building industry. CHOP’d cutting boards are designed to be used and re-used. Crafted from the leftovers of Richlite’s manufacturing and excess cork underlayment, they give these forgotten remnants a second life. 
CHOP'd comes in two sizes. A larger style cutting board and a smaller individual serving size board.
At the annual Remade Show. The junior industrial design student's products were on display and for sale. All the products were up for two weeks at Bellingham's local design boutique, Ideal. CHOP'd sold out opening night.
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