Hello, I'm Noah!
As a designer I see my role as an advocate for the User. Trained in traditional ID I have a love for the objects of desire and the details of our surrounding world- however, my biggest drive is to harness the potential of user-centered thinking and research to create and enhance experiences for everyday people; physical, social or digital. I also have a deep passion for exploring design as a means of bringing people together. I strongly believe that the design process can be implemented across all disciplines and lead to a global community of collaborators who are ready to face real problems with real solutions. 
After graduating with a B.S. in Industrial Design from Western Washington University I moved to Seattle to join the team at VICIS as an Industrial/UX Designer. VICIS is "a technology company, combining cutting-edge thinking from medicine, engineering and sport."
Check out what we are up to and what I've been working on at VICIS.com
I am open to feedback, thoughts and most of all, conversation.

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